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Learn and develop your skills related to creativity and Digital Marketing

Our courses are taught by instructors with great experience and passion to share their knowledge, they are certified by Adobe and Google.

We have courses for every levels

Image by Kelly Sikkema


We start with Illustrator, a vector program, we studied from the basic to the most advanced tools, we continue with photoshop, a digital retouching program, again, we begin with basic tools and gradually increased in complexity until we get to do professional digital retouching; We end up with InDesign which is used to make digital, magazine and interactive publications in PDF.


Image by Howard Bouchevereau


You will learn to use the drawing and color tools in Illustrator combining drawing techniques.

Duration: 20 hours. 2 hours a day from Monday to Friday, 2 weeks


Image by Pierrick VAN-TROOST


We will use different filters and techniques to integrate images, retouch them, make effects, assemble textures and make photomontages in a professional way.

Duration: 20 hours. 2 hours a day from Monday to Friday, 2 weeks



You will learn Dreamweaver and Wordpress, in the first we begin to see basic HTML language and then introduce ourselves to HTML5 and CSS3 and end with a personal project. We finish with Wordpress which is the most used platform today.

Duration: 30 hours. 2 hours a day from Monday to Friday, 3 weeks

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