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Lemonlink   it has specialists in intellectual property in its two meanings: copyright and industrial property.

We have the experience and knowledge to represent, advise and support our clients to identify and protect their intellectual heritage through copyright and registration analysis of distinctive signs.

But what are the distinctive signs for and what are they for?

The distinctive signs allow to identify in the market, products or services of the same species, through names, images, objects, among others, in order to promote the development of companies and the national and international market.

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Autor: Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial

In accordance with the provisions of the Industrial Property Law, the distinctive signs are divided into:

  • Brand. Any sign perceptible by the senses and capable of being represented in a way that allows determining the clear and precise object of protection, which distinguishes products or services from others of the same kind or class on the market.

 We carry out: searches and registrations, licensing and transmission, negotiation, protection of rights, local and international defense and advice.

  • Commercial Advice. These are the phrases or sentences that are intended to announce to the public commercial, industrial or service establishments or negotiations, products or services, to distinguish them from others of their kind.

  • Trade Name . As its name indicates, it is the name of a company or industrial, commercial or service establishment and the right to its exclusive use will be protected, without the need for registration.

It should be noted that this protection covers the geographical area of ​​the effective clientele of the company or establishment to which the trade name is applied and may be considered extended to the entire country if there is massive and constant national diffusion of it.

  • Appellation of Origin. It is the name of a geographical area or that contains said name, or another denomination known to refer to that area, which serves to designate a product as originating from it, when the quality or characteristics of the product are due exclusively or essentially to the geographical environment, including natural and human factors, and which has given the product its reputation.

  • Geographical Indication. It is the name of a geographical area or that contains said name, or another indication known to refer to the mentioned area, that identifies a product as originating from it, when a certain quality, reputation or other characteristic of the product is fundamentally attributable to its geographic origin.

In Lemonlink we also provide advice for the exploitation of intellectual heritage through licensing of the use of trademarks and computer programs (software).

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